Fundamental Change

Published On: January 1, 2021Categories: Editorial

A recent article described the months since COVID-19 hit as, “15 years of behavior change in 30 days.” Indeed, the amount of change and adaptation our business and personal lives have undergone would have been unimaginable less than a year ago. The changes have been a mixed bag; some positive (pivoting to PPE, helping others, growing new lines of business) and many negatives (illness, layoffs, no MFA conference!). Much of that change is likely here to stay in 2021, including working at home, less business travel and more digital innovations that increase our productivity. Change begets change, and the pace is accelerating.

What hasn’t changed are the fundamentals of growing and running a successful marine business. This issue is filled with nuts and bolts business advice and skills education that will take you into 2021 and beyond. “Finishing Touches” discusses the what, why and how of marine trimmings to polish up projects and improve their durability. The 2021 Time Standards Manual, developed with the expertise of the Marine Fabricators Association, will help inform your labor estimates for an efficient and profitable upcoming year. Mark Hood, Hood Canvas LLC, shares his considerable expertise in fabricating track-to-track enclosures. Terri Madden and her daughter Alayna Wool, Sand Sea & Air Interiors, drill down into preplanning your work in tight spaces to ensure easier installations. And Chris Ritsema, Canvas Innovations, discusses his path to business success by way of mentors and must-read books.

There’s an old saying, “A wind does not break a tree that bends.” This points to flexibility as the key to survival and growth. But a tree’s roots anchor it to the earth. Pair your ability to change with the fundamentals of solid business sense and hard work, and this new year could be your best year yet.