Become an IAA Award judge

Published On: May 7, 2024Categories: ATA News, Awards, News

Advanced Textiles Association is looking for judges for its 2024 International Achievement Awards program (IAA). Award programs are important for the industry as they add to the historical record by showing not just excellence, but trends and, over time, movements. IAA judges impact this growth by sharing their experience.

The benefits of judging include:

• Leverage your expertise to contribute to the industry.

• Expand your professional activity beyond your workplace.

• Directly impact new developments by sharing your feedback.

• Invite your colleagues to join the fun!

Judges will have 10 days to two weeks to complete their category(s), tentatively scheduled for mid to late June. Everything is confidential and completed online. IAA judges cannot judge a category they have entered but may judge multiple categories. For more information or to apply to become an IAA judge, click here.