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NMMA, MRAA form strategic partnership

Industry News, News | July 30, 2020 | By:

The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas (MRAA) today announced the merger of Grow Boating Inc., the parent company to the Discover Boating consumer brand, into NMMA as part of a redefined strategic partnership between the two organizations. In addition, NMMA in Canada will work with the U.S.-based NMMA and MRAA to develop coordinated campaigns supporting a more unified North American brand. The efforts are designed to better amplify and expand Discover Boating as the marine industry’s primary consumer-facing lifestyle brand.

“As we continuously look for ways to increase market share for recreational boating against other recreational activities, the Grow Boating Board of Directors recognized an opportunity to harmonize how Discover Boating is activated through NMMA and MRAA, by leveraging NMMA’s boat show portfolio to put Discover Boating in front of millions more people,” noted Bryan Seti, chairman of the Grow Boating board of directors and Yamaha Watercraft Group general manager. “By merging Grow Boating Inc. into NMMA and putting forward one brand—Discover Boating—we will be able to leverage NMMA’s 18 boat shows, connecting the brand with sales events and adding significant value to our industry’s investment in the campaign.”

Additionally, in Canada, Discover Boating has operated separately from NMMA Canada and Grow Boating, Inc., with its own board of directors. To further reduce brand fragmentation and duplication and to build a more unified, amplified brand, the NMMA Canada board of directors unanimously approved to dissolve the separate Discover Boating Canada board of directors and align with U.S.-based NMMA and MRAA around a North American Discover Boating brand.

As part of this new endeavor, all Grow Boating references will change to Discover Boating. However, there will be no changes to the funding model for Discover Boating. The industry assessments in the United States and levies in Canada that exist today will continue to fund the Discover Boating program as they have since the program was created in 2005. As such, there will be no changes to the invoicing process, other than an eventual re-naming of anything Grow Boating to Discover Boating. The strategic partnership between MRAA and NMMA seeks to strengthen dealer inclusion and engagement in Discover Boating to help amplify the campaign to consumers.

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